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Automotive Dealership Services
The Automotive industry has changed. With today's consumers armed with smartphones with an endless amount of information at there, fingertips are more informed, and the transparency of dealer costs—competitive pricing has followed suite across the entire industry. We here at Ace Building Maintenance certainly don't claim to be experts in all the ins and out that go into today's dealerships marketing challenges. We do know the importance of a first impression and that there is never a second chance to make one.

Now more than ever, the spotlight is companies what disinfecting processes put into action in the efforts to eliminate and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses like the Corona Virus to its employees and customers alike. Elevated complexity consumer process the level of sophistication and creativeness to set you apart from your competition is continuously in motion and changing . So have it a dirty or unsanitary facility is the last thing you need to hinder already exhaustive efforts in providing your customers a "service experience above the rest." With 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry and many of those partnership with the Auto dealerships. We have been there to see this evolution of the automotive industry.

For 35 years, Ace has been your local, professional cleaning and sanitizing service provider with that personal touch. Let us elevate your dealership's sophistication and customer service experience. Perhaps the eve more crucial these days that new sales is the retention of the ones you do have. This I think we can all relate.eWe understand the complexity and unique chalenges that each department with in a dealership is faced with on daily basis.

Specialized Auto Dealership Cleaning Program
You never get a second chance to make a first impression so keeping your car dealership4ialized details we provide will promote customer sastifaction, which ensures repeat service. As well as positive word of mouth promotion for new clients.

A specialized quality commercial cleaning service is important for you to ensure a pristine customer experience, quality floor care to avoid slip accidents, prevent erosion and disinfection expertise to avoid the spread of germs as well as decontamination from many (materials, objects, cars and people items)

Car dealership cleaning checklist is unique design for each dealership.
Your Specialized Car Dealership Cleaning Guide Includes

Tailored Cleaning Service
You can rely on our 30+ years of car dealership cleaning and disinfection experience. Based on our cleaning checklist we customize a cleaning plan for your auto dealership.
Deep Cleaning
We plan the frequency and areas that need occasional deep cleaning and everyday cleaning to ensure pristine effective disinfection, and a clean facility.
Disinfection is a major concern at present, both for employees but particularly for customers. How to disinfect, and how often, and which areas? We provide the expertise you need.
Daytime Porter
Keeping your car dealership pristine, safe, and presentable, is a full time job. We provide you with a trained specialist on site in the time span you require.

Disinfection & Cleaning Checklist
Showroom Cleaning
High profile areas are front entrances, glass doors, displays, counters and the showroom floor. Windows should be spotless and glass doors, door knobs, displays, should be wiped down and sanitized as needed throughout the day to avoid spread of germs.
Office Cleaning
Offices and conference rooms are used for customer meetings and should be kept pristine.
Cleaning and disinfection of keyboards, mouse, monitor, door knobs, arm rests, light switches, all surfaces, and empty waste bins,
Parts & Service
Sweep and damp mop floors. Spot clean oil stains with a degreaser. Remove trash and replace liners as necessary. Clean and disinfect counter tops, tables, doorknobs, keyboards, monitors, phones, light switches, vending machines, water fountains, and glass doors.
Restroom Cleaning
Clean, disinfect and polish all surfaces of fixtures, including toilets, urinals, sinks, commodes, mirrors, doors, walls, ceiling vents. Damp wipe and disinfect all surfaces. Use seperate cleaning equipment for mechanics restrooms to avoid cross contamination. Use seperate cleaning equipment for mechanics restrooms to avoid cross contamination.
Floor Cleaning
Sealing grout on tile floors as needed to prevent discolouring from oil spills, tires, and high-traffic. Sweep, mop and vacuum all floors. Carpet vacuuming, spot cleaning, and odor removal. Hardwood floor care and protection.
Daily cleaning and disinfection of glass doors, handle bars, counter tops, tables, shelves, vending machines, elevator panels, and restrooms.
96% Green Cleaning
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Bonded & Insured

What You Get
We can provide your car dealership with both a specialized cleaning system, cleaning professionals, and porter service, that will relieve you of any need to follow-up or manage your cleaning.

Together with you, we will create your custom cleaning plan to fit your cleaning requirements, frequency and tight time slots. The plan will translate into a custom cleaning checklist, which specifies cleaning products, equipment, schedule, and cleaning specialist crew.

We can accommodate any scenario with our customized cleaning schedule, frequency, and area-specific cleaning needs. We have +40 years of experience in cleaning industrial facilities and we even have some that we have served since 1978.

We can competitively price your one-time cleaning and disinfection needs or your daily, weekly, monthly, or annual cleaning requirements, based on what works best for you.