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Our Values
"Above all else, we value honesty and personal integrity."

We understand that being honest with the customer may not always be easy, but will always be rewarded. We are committed to cultivating long-term relationships with our customers and our suppliers.
We believe technology and innovation should liberate people not replace them.
We believe that continuous improvement is not merely an organizational strategy but a personal journey

Communication Systems
"Key to successful relationships is great communication."

We recognize this as a major component in reducing wasted effort, improving quality and building enduring customer satisfaction.

Our Communication Systems include:

A Live Receptionist
These days there is something to be said for the ability to pick up a phone and actually reach another human being on the other end. No matter how sophisticated the automated phone system, voice mail can’t solve problems or deliver the level of service and support our customers expect.

Customer Service Visits & Surveys
This is the bridge between our customers and our operations department. The only way for us to meet or exceed your expectations is to regularly ask for feedback and be shown exactly what you see the way you see it if there are any problem areas. Customer preferred communication whether it be email, text, or phone.

Client Portal
Our client portal undoubtedly has had greater impact on our efficiency than any other element of the system. Here our customer can find information regarding there account and also submit and check on the status of work orders, make supply orders. Submitted work order and received and then handled by operations team. We keep you in the loop. We notify you at each stage of our work tickets from starting with the receipt of you work order, the schedule date of services to be performed, completion, inspection and lastly customers approval. This has all but eliminated miscommunications and allowed us to schedule our activities and resources to best serve your needs.

Emergency Voice Mail System
With one phone call an Ace representative can be contacted who has the authority to make things happen. This is obviously extremely important in emergency situations.