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Why choose Ace Building Maintenance?
Our daily mission at Ace is to provide our customers with a clean, sanitized, and safe environment.
Because we offer multiple methods of decontamination, we can offer a service plan individually designed to meet your specific needs and challenges.

We are environmentally conscious:
We are keenly aware that people are increasingly sensitive to harsh chemical residue and odors in the environments and that sensitivity is amplified in contained spaces
We utilize the most environmentally friendly products, techniques, and technologies available for your desired outcome
We offer the ability to track and document your infection prevention and control efforts, which will aid you in monitoring trends and increasing efficiencies
Our extensively trained technicians will insure a service that creates a healthier space for you
Our certified technicians provide services driven by protocol with safety and efficacy as top priority

How much does it cost?
Costs depend on the size of the job. Since most of our treatments involve hydrogen peroxide fogging, we calculate costs by cubic footage; but don’t worry, we have plans for every budget.

How long will it take?
The entire process to treat a room can happen in as little as one hour.

What germs can it kill?
There are no limitations as to the pathogens we can kill since each treatment strives for a six log reduction, 99.9999%, of the most difficult to kill bacterial spores, but some more common germs you may have heard of are… C. Diff, Shigella, Flu, MRSA, Measles, Impetigo, Norovirus, TB, URE, CRE, and much more

What techniques do you use?
The best way to answer this is to do a pre-site visit and evaluation. Each treatment is different and will have different needs. Since there is no magic pill to make it all better, we employ multiple types of high-level disinfection equipment and protocols to ensure that you receive the most thorough treatment possible for your needs.

How do I know it’s gone?
The biggest change will be the immediate drop in infection rates. Also we will provide detailed lab analysis proving a zero germ count and detailed reports for your record. I only need service in one area of my facility, can you do that? Our services are scalable, meaning if you only want one area treated, we can do that. If you decide you need more when we get there, we will be prepared for that scenario as well.

How fast til I see results?
Typically our clients see immediate results in infection rates but the outcome will vary depending on treatment area. Are the chemicals you’re using leaving harmful residues? No, we only use products that will not form harmful residues. Most companies will want to use a quaternary ammonium to act as a method to continue killing germs. The problem with this is they are sticky and can make future germ reservoirs. They are also easily absorbed through the skin and are known allergens, NIH 2014. Pathogend will never use harmful quats as a residue. Instead we rely on silver as a natural alternative to help prevent germs from making reservoirs in your space.

How long will it last?
The lasting results will vary depending on the traffic of your facility. Outbreaks are typically resolved with our treatment but for proactive results, the best outcomes we see are between monthly and quarterly treatments.

The Curis Hydrogen Peroxide System is an Aerosolized Hydrogen Peroxide Fogger designed to provide room and equipment decontamination. This device fills a room or space with safe 7% Hydrogen Peroxide blended solution to kill pathogens unseen to the naked eye. It is the most efficacious, affordable, reliable and versatile fogger on the market. Picture Picture Picture

Measure your room/space/vehicle, enter the dimensions into our equipment, prep the room by pre-cleaning, place Bio-Indicators and Chemical Indicators in hard to reach places, cover HVAC vents and smoke detectors, fill fogger with our Curoxide (The only approved solution for this technology) and start the fogger. Leave the room before the machine starts and seal the room until the process is complete.
The Hydrogen Peroxide Fogging System utilizes Biological Indicators in conjunction with Chemical Indicators to test the results of our fogging. Designed to reduce human error, our hands-free system with remote operation allows you to monitor, manage, measure, track, and report to quickly prove, and continuously improve, your decontamination efforts.

While most systems rely on dispensing chemical and turning off once the desired time is achieved, or depend on manual spraying, CURIS goes a step further by focusing on a ‘maintained pathogen-kill zone.’
Can I decontaminate N95 Masks with this technology?
Yes. Please contact us for more information, protocols, and guidance through the process.

Is this product applicable to ambulances, police cars, busses, vans, and trains?
Yes. We have customers using our fogger in all of these applications. Please contact us for protocols and procedures.

Why do I need to use a BI to prove efficacy of my fogger?
When you are fighting something you can’t see, biological indicators are your go-to method for visible efficacy. They take the guessing out of your process with science-based evidence telling you the treatment area has achieved the level of disinfection or sterilization you think you are getting. It is also the method approved and used by the EPA to validate fogging devices. We recommend pairing our CURIS® device with geobacillus stearothermophilus because it is a bacterial spore which is extremely resistant to chemical disinfection. In fact, some studies find it to be 2-3 times harder to kill than c.diff. We aim for this level of organism to provide the most thorough level of treatment possible (see Spaulding chart).

How many BIs do I need to use?
We recommend placing at least one BI in the treatment area to be exposed to fog and then retrieving it after pulse (up to 30 min).

Why don’t chemical strips work?
Chemical indicator strips are not an indication of efficacy, only an indication of the presence of active ingredient expo- sure. In fact, it is not uncommon for indicator strips to turn “black” even when efficacy is not achieved. For this reason, relying on chemical indicator strips is an inaccurate measurement of success.

Do you kill Parvo?
Parvo is in the category of non-enveloped virus (halfway up the Spaulding chart). Although we do not have a specific kill claim for this organism, we can feel confident we will achieve success here if we follow the Spaulding hierarchy. Any treatments should be tested with biological indicators.